Music For Contemporary Class, Vol. 2

Music For Contemporary Class, Vol. 2
Year: 2017
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What is it?

20 original tracks for the studio.

Tell me more about it

This album is more electronic and sample-oriented than volume 1, which is more instrumental.

It contains music on all commonly used time signatures, as well as plenty of energetic and swingy 3s, and some challenging 10s, 13s and 15s.

Unlike the previous album, Music For Contemporary Class, Vol. 2 is not structured for typical class. The tracks often have general atmosphere or mood titles, rather than specific exercises they were intended for. It is left entirely up to the teacher how best to apply the music.

I am indebted to the following artist’s for kindly granting me permission to use samples of their work on the record:

Scott Devine (drumming and ‘wooh!’, trk 3), Lindsey Krabbenhoft & Dana Horrocks (vocals, trk 3), Thomas Roebers (percussion, trk 4, taken from his film: FOLI (There Is No Movement Without Rhythm), Pedro Espi Sanchis (Lekgodilo flute, trk 11, taken from Lisa’ Song), and Ralf Schmitt and the Mzansi Youth Choir (vocals, trk 18)

All music composed, mixed and produced by Andy Higgs.

Running time: 85 mins

Copyright Andy Higgs, 2017 all rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performing and broadcasting prohibited.