The Witch’s Cauldron – 50 Fun Tracks for Children’s Ballet Class

The Witch’s Cauldron – 50 Fun Tracks for Children’s Ballet Class
Year: 2015
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What is it?

Aimed at ages 3-8, this music is written to accompany exercises I have repeatedly witnessed teachers using with their youngest children, from listening games such as identifying high and low music, to rhythmic dancing like a robot. There are also many selections for more everyday exercises such as skipping, galloping and knee bends, as well as dances for slightly older children. All titles are my suggestions and teachers should feel free to interpret the music as they wish.

Tell me more about it

The album is divided into 4 main sections: Fun & Games, First Ballet, Creative Movement and Dances. In most cases I wanted to provide too much music rather than not enough, with short intros to allow enough time to press play on your music player, and get back to your children to begin the exercise! The album features fun, instrumental arrangements of the sorts of pieces I have improvised for many years as an accompanist for children’s ballet classes in London. I opted against recording the pieces primarily at the piano to help distinguish the album from the vast array of specialist piano music already in circulation. Every pianist and dance teacher knows there is no substitute for live accompaniment, but I wanted to give the music the same inventiveness and energy I have always tried to bring to my live playing.

“Probably the best album of children’s music I’ve heard. Truly original, fun and well-produced tracks by someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to music, dance, and children.”

– Jonathan Still, former music development manager, RAD

All music written and produced by Andy Higgs

Running time: 68 mins

Copyright Andy Higgs, 2015 all rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performing and broadcasting prohibited.