Music For Contemporary Class Vol.2 – progress!

I have been working since Christmas writing a new album for contemporary dance, since I had a decent amount of time to myself to concentrate on it, and today I finished the final track and feel much relieved.

I still need to make a few minor improvements here and there, which involves listening back to the entire album several times to listen out for anything I’m not happy with. It’s always important to take a break from any recording project before you do this to give your ears a rest.

Then Barry Gardner of Safe and Sound Mastering will work his magic with the mastering. Barry has over 20 years experience in the music industry, works with the finest equipment money can buy, and is man who can hear sonic problems in your mix in an instant.

Being stuck in a room for weeks on end writing isn’t much of a social experience, but I always work with people in mind, inspired by those I know who will dance to and hopefully enjoy the music.