Jinan project progress!

This project has turned into a enormous task , with many rewrites and late nights as I have to send new tracks to my collaborators in China so they have them for the morning. They wake up when I need to go to bed! But I know it will be worth it. It is a terrific opportunity and choreographer Annarita Mazzilli has created some beautiful movement. Above are some images and sounds from one of the sections. The entire score can be heard here.

New home for acoustic panels

I built these acoustic absorption panels (as you do), but have nowhere to put them in my small flat, so musician and friend Ronen Kozokaro has made good use of them. I felt very chuffed when he sent these pics of them mounted to the wall in his newly constructed home studio.

Mixing day

Spent a fun and educational day mixing The Journey Between with Chris Marsh. He has vastly improved the overall impact of the track.

Chris at work at his console.
Additional computer to monitor the stereo image

Jinan Dance Project

I am currently composing a 60 minute score for the Jinan Dance Project, a new choreography which will be touring throughout China. I began my journey with a fun trip to Ray Man’s in Chalk Farm to try out some instruments. I bought a yueqin, de-fu-lo (both related to mandolins), di-zi (small flute), temple blocks and bells.

Weird and wonderful instruments at Ray Man. Very tempting but you can’t afford everything!
The large red drums at the back are traditional Chinese tanggu drums
What do I do with these?!