‘It is difficult to quantify in words the value that Andy brings when he accompanies dance. He is certainly the architect of countless moments of true art and communication and I am always left feeling rewarded, inspired and nourished by his music.’

Kasper Cornish (Ballet Teacher, Choreographer and Composer)


‘Andy Higgs (composer) created music that beautifully complimented the tones of the performance – light, humorous, but with threatening and fragile flashes. Whilst live music in performance can sometimes overwhelm, this definitely did not. Giving it an extra layer, a new texture, of meaning.’

Sophie Porter,


‘The music by Andy Higgs, from flute to techno, provides an eerie atmosphere, dark and sombre, and sometimes of fake happiness.’

Carolin Kopplin,


‘…a riveting, rhythmic soundtrack by Andy Higgs.’

Sophie Partridge,


‘The music, composed by Andy Higgs, adds emotion and depth to Mazzilli’s work’

Emmanuelle Julien,


‘Dancing to Andy’s music adds a refreshing dimension to dance class. His music is always beautifully textured and it allows me to explore different movement styles to match the various musical layers.’

Anusha (contemporary dance student, Idea Store Learning)


‘Probably the best album of children’s music I’ve heard. Truly original, fun and well-produced tracks by someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to music, dance, and children.’

Jonathan Still (former music development manager, RAD)


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